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BizMatchery is a specialized industrial digital marketing agency that focuses on growing B2B industrial SMBs through custom digital marketing strategies, paid media, and search engine optimization. Our expertise lies in working with mid-market B2B industrial companies, primarily in the technical manufacturing, automation, and logistics industries. Develop your custom digital marketing strategy today!

Custom Digital Marketing Strategy

We craft customized strategies to ensure ROI by focussing on the right efforts from the beginning.


A pretty website only does you good if customers can find it. We make sure the right people can, with our SMB search engine optimization services.

SMB Website Design

Create a website you love that represents your business the way you want to be seen. Our experts help you design the perfect site.


Reach the right target audience through targeted pay per click campaigns that work with your organic strategies to create fast results.

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What is SMB Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a term for the online efforts a company makes to put their name in front of ideal customers. Marketing is traditionally thought of as a printed form of communication. Digital marketing takes that same concept and digitizes it, presenting information about your business through digital devices such as computers, phones, and tablets.

We go beyond being just a Utah digital marketing agency, extending our skills nationwide with customized SMB digital marketing solutions to help your business grow. We offer Search Engine Optimization, Website Design, Search Engine Marketing (PPC), Content Marketing, Local Lead Generation and more.

As you can see, basically any marketing effort using the internet and digital devices falls under the umbrella of digital marketing. If it’s digital marketing, it’s something we do!

We work with our clients to target any digital channel that will give them better exposure and help more of their ideal customers find them. That includes social media, email marketing, search engines, and websites. Our SMB digital marketing agency is ready to take your business where you’ve never gone before.

Our SMB digital marketing experts are versed at all the techniques that make a difference for any small to medium sized business trying to grow and win more customers.

While our overall work goes far beyond just digital marketing, it’s a core skill that we’ve used to produce dramatic results for many clients. This is why so many companies seek us out for their custom industrial digital marketing strategies and implementation.

When you are looking for the best SMB digital marketing agency in Utah and beyond, we hope you’ll always think of BizMatchery!

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What Sets Us Apart

Our Specialty: Custom Digital Marketing Strategies

An SMB Custom Digital Marketing Strategy is a tailored approach designed to meet the unique needs, goals, and challenges of small and medium-sized businesses in the digital business world. Unlike one-size-fits-all marketing strategies, a custom digital marketing strategy is crafted specifically for each SMB, taking into account factors such as industry, target audience, budget, and competition.

At its core, our custom digital marketing strategy process is made up of five key steps; a discovery session to learn all about your business, deep-dive audits to reveal all the facts, in-depth research, the creation of a custom implementation strategy, and a clearly defined implementation roadmap.

After a thorough discovery session, we delve into an audit of your current digital presence, including its website, social media accounts, paid ads strategies, search engine rankings, and overall online visibility. This evaluation helps identify areas of strength and weakness and serves as the foundation for developing a strategic plan to achieve the business’s objectives.

After assessing the current state of affairs, we research each client’s industry, competitors, and website capabilities. One of the key components of a custom digital marketing strategy is defining clear and measurable goals. Whether the objective is to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, or boost sales, setting specific, achievable goals provides direction and focus for the marketing efforts.

Next, a custom digital marketing strategy involves identifying the most effective digital channels and tactics to reach the target audience. This may include a combination of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, content marketing, and more. By selecting the right mix of channels and tactics, SMBs can maximize their reach and engagement with potential customers.

A custom digital marketing strategy emphasizes the importance of personalized messaging and content that resonates with the target audience. This involves creating compelling and relevant content that addresses the needs, pain points, and interests of potential customers, thereby building trust and credibility with the audience.

After all the information has been gathered and analyzed, a custom implementation strategy is crafted to help your business stand apart from the competition. We include a clearly-defined and direct implementation roadmap that can either be implemented by our team or yours.

Overall, a SMB Custom Digital Marketing Strategy is a necessary approach to tailor the best strategy for the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses. By focusing on clear goals, targeted tactics, personalized messaging, and continuous optimization, SMBs can leverage digital marketing to achieve their business objectives and thrive in competitive markets. With BizMatchery by your side, you will rapidly increase your online traffic and achieve more of the goals that matter to your business. Develop your B2B industrial digital marketing strategy and start reaching more of your ideal customers.

Our Services Areas


One of the key parts of digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization, often referred to as SEO.

Search engine optimization takes your website and improves it so it says the right things, in the right ways. This is important because search engines are where people go to find companies and services like yours.

The way this works is technical, but it has to do with things like keywords and keyword phrases that match what a person might use when they search for something they need. If your website is optimized, you have the potential of being shown at the top of search results so your customers call you.

Thats the whole job of a search engine, to deliver to their searchers the best results so they find what they are looking for. We know how that works and help you maximize your potential of being seen.

As the top SEO company in Utah we regularly work with businesses like yours to give them the edge when it comes to search engine optimization. 

Whether we are applying our proven SEO strategies to your website, to local lead generation, or even your Google Business profile, we can make sure you get the very best SEO results that you would expect from a digital marketing agency.

SMB Website Design

The common starting point for most businesses when it comes to digital marketing is creating a website. That’s why we often provide website design services.

Websites play an important role in business. They obviously present your company and brand online. In fact, this is often the fist contact your customers have with you. 

It’s important to remember that while websites should look nice, it doesn’t do you any good if nobody can find it. 

That’s why all of our website design services are founded on doing proper SEO from the beginning of the site build. We know that building a fancy and expensive website does you no good if not.

Commonly, businesses build a website that is confusing, hard to navigate, and worst of all completely ineffective. They don’t realize that most visitors leave the site within seconds. The best visitors may stay for up to two minutes.

Things like load time, aesthetics, SSL security and SEO all come into play when building a great website. Your web design partner should know these things and know how to do them right.

For the very best Utah WordPress website design company, know that BizMatchery has the background and experience to make sure your web design project exceeds expectations.

Most businesses would be served perfectly well with a basic website that gets the point across, but even if you feel you need a complex, custom built website we can deliver.

Call us to see how our business development focused digital marketing services can make your web design service experience smooth and successful.


Small and Medium-sized Business (SMB) Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is a digital marketing strategy that allows businesses to promote their products or services online through paid ads. Simply put, SMB PPC is a method where advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked, with the goal of reaching more of their ideal target audience.

SMB PPC takes place on search engines like Google, Bing, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. These platforms allow a business to target specific demographics, interests, and behaviors, ensuring that ads reach the most relevant audience.

A major advantage of SMB PPC is the real-time data and analytics, allowing a business to track the performance of their ads and make data-driven decisions to optimize their campaigns further. SMB PPC offers flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to adjust their budgets and ad campaigns in real-time based on performance and market conditions.

SMB PPC advertising is a powerful tool that enables small and medium-sized businesses to compete in the digital marketplace by providing cost-effective, targeted, and measurable advertising solutions that drive success and growth. At BizMatchery, we understand the value of this digital marketing strategy, so we have developed proven processes to help maximize your PPC results.

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Your business needs more than just wishes and dreams. That’s why BizMatchery is here, to become your full  SMB digital marketing strategy partner. We go beyond just digital marketing to make sure you have all the solutions you need from one trusted source. This means you get a custom B2B industrial digital marketing strategy that will help you grow your business with more of the right customers. 

What all does that include? Take a look below to see what we mean.

We have over a decade of small business consulting experience. That experience gives you power in your efforts. We consult with you to understand all you know and want to do with your business development, then we add our knowledge and experience to supercharge things.

We give you a dedicated team so you know who you’re working with. You will work with the same people throughout your project, so you know who to call with questions and who to share ideas with.

When it comes to your SMB digital marketing and custom B2B industrial digital marketing strategy, we offer the solutions you need!

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