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Small Business Leadership Coaching with p³Clarity

While we are really good at all the digital marketing skills that help businesses grow, we love spending out time with the leaders that carry the businesses forward. Enter our small business leadership coaching based on our p³Clarity system.

We believe in Top Down leadership with a Bottom Up mentality. That means we believe leaders should lead from the front lines, with a sound understanding of how each decision will impact the business as a whole.

Our leadership coaching is centered around the p³Clarity process, Passion -> People -> Process.     

p³Clarity teaches to focus on the Passion behind why a business was started, using clarity in that passion to identify the right People to support the goals, and finally ensuring the Processes that are implemented are in alignment with those passions.

Think of a plane or ship following a course towards a desired destination. If this vessel drifts of course by even a few degrees, over the course of the journey it will eventually end up miles and miles away from its destination. This is no different for a business. If their is not Clarity in the direction and actions of the business every single day, over time you will drift far off course and miss your target.,

We feel confident that if leaders have Clarity in everything they do, they will be better at leading and helping others to achieve their goals, and guiding their vessel to the goal.

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p³Clarity is a framework for overcoming obstacles and progressing a business forward. It is centered around the WHY behind everything a business is doing. We term this the Passion, as it is the underlying force and reason a business was started and exists.

We have been teaching businesses the p³Clarity system for years, and in every case the ones that regain clarity in their Passion make better decisions and operate in ways that bring them into alignment with their true reason for existence.

Too often we find that companies are letting the business run them. They have lost control and are no longer making decisions based on their core values. They are reacting, which rarely works and won’t last.

We help them realign themselves with their Passion, as it will steer them on the right course every time. Our passion is helping you regain clarity in your passion, so you can achieve your goals.

The foundation of the p³Clarity system is finding a clear and distinct understanding of the reason behind why the business was started. It is rarely just about making money. Most often it had something to do with making a difference, doing something better, or improving the quality or value for customers.

We work closely with the leadership team, especially the founder or top executive, to ensure they know the Passion and understand its significance. Once there is Clarity in Passion, we are able to examine what is currently happening, and what should be changed.

Bottom line, if you are not doing things in alignment with your core Passion, you will always struggle to achieve sustainable success. This is why statistics show companies with high ethical values and Clarity in their direction are more successful. Once this is clear, and decisions are being made for the right reasons, it becomes much easier to determine the right People and the correct Processes to follow.

Businesses spend exorbitant amounts of money identifying, hiring, and training the best people, but that is not always enough.

If the People in the business do not understand the Passion, or WHY, behind what they do, they will never achieve the highest level of success.

That’s because they will never understand fully how each decision they make, or action they take, affects the business as a whole.

The vessel will slowly drift off course, especially if multiple people are failing to maintain alignment and assist in the course corrections. A business will never achieve its full potential like this.

Once you have Clarity in your Passion, you must being your people in alignment, and sometimes even make the hard decision that some of your People are just not the right fit. You would be doing a disservice to both the business and the people in it if they are not on board and working towards the same goals.

Clarity in your People is necessary before you will ever be able to improve the Process and move forward.

Once you have Clarity in your businesses Passion, and have helped bring the People into alignment, you are then properly prepared to determine the correct Processes to implement and follow.

Any Process or action taking place prior to this Clarity in Passion will only contribute further to a possible misdirection. It’s like handing out oars and asking the crew to row without any clarity in direction or timing. It would be ineffective.

After helping refine your Clarity in Passion, we work closely with your leadership team to make sure you are doing the right things, the right ways.

Let us be clear, Process should be the last thing that gets fixed. Once you have Clarity in Passion and have the right People supporting that passion, the processes tend to take care of themselves.

That’s because everyone involved will make sure you are doing the right things for all the right reason, not just to save money or simplify things, but because they are truly the proper thing to do.

​That’s p³Clarity!

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