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We love non-verbal communication! It is so fun when you are able to read what people’s body language is saying, especially when their words don’t exactly match up. What’s even better is knowing your own body language is saying the right things, and that you are effectively communicating what you want to say.

This has never been more important than it is now in business. In a world where so many people are conditioned to limited attention spans and expect immediate results, it’s helpful to be able to get your point across quickly and powerfully. 

We work with business leaders and customer facing employees to help them improve their non-verbal communication so they can be more effective.

We work with our clients to understand the do’s and don’ts of hand gestures, stance, facial expressions and more so that you are not just saying what you want, but also showing it in your body language.

Have you heard of the 7-38-55 Rule? This accepted standard teaches that only 7% of personal communication is actually in your words, while 38% is in the tone of your voice, and over half, 55%, is all about body language. With those figures in mind, it makes sense that you would need to worry about more than just your ‘sales pitch’ or trying that latest team meeting model. 

We work with your team to improve all of these areas, but we obviously spend a lot of time dialing in your effective use of body language.

More Body Language Training Facts

Borrowing from Dr. Nick Morgan’s Body Language Infographic, there are some well established beliefs in the world of body language that have a big impact on your success in communication…


Along with the study and teaching of body language, we find it is also very important to learn about the skill of spatial relationships, or Proxemics.

Proxemics is all about using space more effectively, and understanding what the use of space means in communication. This is important in scenarios such as networking, business meetings, and employer/employee interaction.

We work with you to understand where you should sit in a sales meeting, where to position yourself at a company party or networking event, and how to read the distance a person places between you and them.  

​This all adds up to better reading people, and making sure you are sending the correct message.


The use of touch in communication is not only important, but necessary. Doing it properly and effectively is therefore important.

Haptics, or the study of touch and physical interaction is an important part of business.

Should you shake hands? How? Firm or soft? With any angle to the position of your hand?

Should you hug? is it appropriate to touch an arm or shoulder? Is there a difference between same sex haptics to opposite sex haptics? The answers are important and will impact your success. Let us teach you how to use Haptics properly and to read other’s touch for what it truly means.

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