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Search engine marketing, also known as SEM or PPC, is a digital marketing strategy that applies to paying for exposure to increase visibility in online searches. e specialize in SMB PPC, helping small to medium sized business reach more of their ideal target audience where they are already searching. 

By strategically placing ads when and where your target audience are searching, you have the opportunity to influence their decision to look at your website as the solution for their needs. 

You can pay to compete, but doing so with strategy and intention is important. Paying for the wrong keywords and phrases will only waste money.  Paying for the right ones will allow you to be seen at the most competitive times when the people you most want to find you are looking for solutions to their problems.

Most commonly, SEM refers to any paid search ad campaign, such as Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads or other ad platforms. Our team has been managing SEM campaigns for years, carefully researching the best strategy and implementing this plan in a measurable way that allows for ongoing adjustments and improvements.  

Advantages of paying for ads through a custom SMB PPC campaign include exposure and awareness. Paid ads also tend to influence your organic results, as those exposed to ads often visit your site directly or through a later keyword search at a later time. Another advantage is the fast results that can be obtained. Turning on an ad campaign can lead to immediate clicks, and therefore immediate sales. 

The disadvantage of SMB PPC campaigns is that you must continue paying for results. If at any time you turn your ads off, you will immediately lose the exposure, and therefore, the clicks that would come with it. If the Cost per Click is affordable, then the ROI may justify continuing this strategy indefinitely. If not, it may only be a viable short term plan.

Our team consults with yours to determine the best custom SMB PPC strategy for your business needs. We provide the research to craft the best keyword strategy, and we organize and build your SEM campaigns in the most effective ways. Learn more through a quick call with our team of SMB PPC specialists.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing incorporates SEO with paid advertising strategies to maximize your online presence. Paid advertising, along side great SEO, allow for the best visibility and the easiest sticking power. We work with your team to determine the best ways to make your business visible, while ensuring when you are found your customers learn what they need to know to be inspired to come to you. You have a lot to offer and we want to highlight that by making sure you are properly represented online. Give us the chance to elevate your website the right way.
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