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Proven Organic Local Lead Generation

Local lead generation is our bread and butter. That’s because we understand what it takes to help your company be found and get calls from potential customers that are looking for exactly what you do.

Our strategy is simple… make sure you are found where your customers are looking.

We do that by optimizing your existing website so it’s more effective, but we also use a lead funnel approach that feeds even more leads directly to you. This is how we make sure you are the talk of the town and one of the first ones anyone calls.

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How Our Lead Generation Works

Our local lead generation strategy is a simple but effective way of getting your phone to ring with real customers looking for what you do. We use the same white hat SEO skills that allow us to rank your own website higher and higher, and employ them on a new simple website that targets specific locations. This allows us to capture more of the city specific or ‘near me’ searches for your product or service. That means less of those calls going to you competitors and more straight to you. We also use advanced call tracking and reporting to be able to determine the effectiveness of the lead generation project. That’s one of the best ways that we can help with your business development.

Organic Lead Gen vs PPC

There is a difference between our organic local lead generation technique and the increasingly common Pay-Per-Click paid advertising campaigns. PPC is a way of paying companies like Google or Facebook to be seen where their users are already online looking for things. With Google Adwords, you are paying for Google to show your add above the adds from other businesses, and every time someone clicks on your add you are charged. The more competitive keywords cost more per click, and your campaign can rack up total add spend quickly. By comparison, our organic local lead generation is a fixed rate with ever improving results. We build and rank a lead generation website that gets stronger with time. That means our lead generation is generally more effective than PPC because it lasts. We can help you with PPC as well, but we love organic.
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