Case Study:

Maximizing Online Presence:
A Managed IT Success Story


growth in overall organic impressions


 growth in ranking keywords


growth in service page organic clicks

Key Strategies

  • Custom Strategy
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Blogs
  • Client Training
  • Web Design & Development
  • Analytics and Insights


  • Total ranking keyword growth
  • Total organic traffic growth
  • Site-wide page development
  • Increase in sales calls

The Client

Alexonet is a cutting-edge cybersecurity & co-managed IT services provider in the Portland, Oregon, market. They offer unsurpassed cybersecurity consulting and customer service to deliver maximum impact for organizations. They take a proactive network monitoring approach that secures the IT infrastructure of numerous businesses. By further offering compliance & risk management, IT disaster recovery, phishing training, and more, they are working diligently to secure the businesses that depend on technology to operate.

SMB Website Design - Alexonet

The Situation

Alexonet came to us with a big problem… they had lost control of their website. Built years earlier by a company they no longer had contact with, they were unable to manage or change their own website. They also recognized that they needed their website to do more for them than simply take up server space. They understood the value of SMB SEO and reached out to BizMatchery for help both fixing their website problem and making their site more effective.

The Solution

Clearly, we needed to help get Alexonet back in control of their own website. Before we could do that, however, we needed to determine what their new site should accomplish and how it should be constructed, so we began with our BizBoost custom digital marketing strategy. This process allowed us to identify all the ways their old site had failed to address the many services they had to offer and deliver warm leads to their phones and inboxes. 

Through a detailed audit and research process, we identified seventeen new pages that would need to be built, along with the ideal keyword and content strategy for each new page. Furthermore, we were able to create an ongoing content strategy for blogs and social media posts to better empower them as they sought to become thought leaders in their industry. By the conclusion of the BizBoost process, we had a clearly defined path forward to not only launch a new website but also ensure it was working on their behalf day and night.

Once the strategy was defined, we were able to build a beautiful new website that looked practically identical to their original site but also had many more capabilities. This new site included the missing service pages for all of the many managed IT and managed security solutions they offer to businesses. We added an internet speed test tool to help garner additional traffic along with their educational and informative blog articles. 

Over the course of several months, the new pages were built and published, methodically adding a growing list of organic keywords and phrases to their arsenal. These new keywords expanded their reach and produced a significant increase in organic impressions and clicks. To this day, these new pages bring consistent prospect conversations while further establishing Alexonet as experts in their industry. 

The Results

Alexonet SEO Keyword Ranking

Even though Alexonet had been in business for many years, they still had not established their dominance in their own local market, let alone their target growth market. Through our partnership, they’ve expanded their reach throughout their state and into their neighboring states. Their increase in total ranking keywords earned them an increase of 26,486 organic search impressions in just six months, along with dozens of organic clicks for new service pages for which they had never before seen any activity. This increase in online traffic has delivered new business and strengthened their identity as industry leaders. 

Some of the highlights of their performance include the following metrics:

  • +105% growth in ranking keywords
  • +257% growth in overall organic impressions
  • +200% growth in service page organic clicks

Additional Insights

By following the bespoke game plan created through their BizBoost custom strategy, Alexonet has been able to better target their audience and more effectively communicate their position as leaders in the managed IT space. Their blog articles are regularly visited, adding organic site visitors to their analytics. They are now aligning their social media activity with their site strategy to enhance their online presence and reputation. 

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