What Does an SMB Digital Marketing Agency Do?

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Why Work With an SMB Digital Marketing Agency

Small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that wish to remain competitive in the current market must invest in digital marketing. Digital marketing requires time and effort, which is why teaming with an SMB digital marketing firm like BizMatchery can make all the difference. With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and a client-centric and results-oriented philosophy, we will deliver a digital marketing plan that increases revenue.

How Your Customers Find You

Multiple online studies demonstrate that the Internet plays a crucial role in facilitating the discovery of SMBs. Consider the following data:

  • Seventy to eighty percent of consumers conduct online research prior to making a purchase decision.
  • Eighty percent of customers conduct product research online, including social media, search engines, and more.
  • 71% of business consumers begin their product investigation online using a search engine.

The top web venues for establishing and locating partnerships with SMBs are:

  • Organic Search
  • Social media
  • Videos Advertisements
  • Email

Consider the research findings for each channel as valid evidence.

The Biggest Challenges of SMB Digital Marketing

Digital marketing presents SMBs with enormous opportunities and obstacles related with this potential. Due to limited people, resources, and time, SMBs feel overwhelmed in comparison to large enterprises. Having an understanding of these obstacles can make all the difference.

Learn more about some of the top obstacles in digital marketing for SMBs and how to overcome them.

Customer Awareness

You can compete with large brands when you promote and market your business online. Strategies such as paid online advertising and search engine optimization focus on the user experience and quality of your website.

Increasing brand recognition is still a key hurdle for SMBs. Among the many reasons:

Noise – Internet is a crowded place with a lot of noise. Therefore, whether you’re advertising or marketing online, you need to cut through the noise to attract your audience’s attention.

Experience – Depending on your background, you may or may not have any online marketing experience. Since a result, investing in digital marketing can be nerve-wracking, as you must spend time mastering the many approaches and strategies to be successful.

Time – Some SMBs lack the resources to develop and maintain a full-time marketing campaign. You have a limited number of employees, and it may be difficult to hire a new one, especially if your organization is expanding slowly.

You can overcome these obstacles with strategies such as:

Remarketing – With a remarketing campaign, your company can sell itself to site visitors.

Micro-influencers – A collaboration with a micro-influencer on social media enables you to reach your audience without incurring significant costs.

Agencies – A digital marketing agency, like JetRank Agency, can also benefit your business. When you hire an agency, you gain access to a team of specialists who will construct and oversee your business-expansion strategy.

Using these guidelines can assist you in developing a digital marketing plan for small and medium-sized businesses.


Currently, it is difficult for SMBs to entice prospective clients to collaborate and engage with the organization. The social media marketing plan is a prime illustration of this problem.

A few reasons why SMBs struggle with online marketing are as follows:

Compelling Offers – Engaging people requires a compelling offer that benefits them and addresses a user issue. Therefore, it is simple for your efforts to fail if you ask customers to take action without explaining how it will address their problem.

Branding – Creating your brand might be difficult for start-up SMBs, but with time and consistency you will succeed.

Targeting – Targeting provides various benefits for your business. If you focus on highly competitive keywords and develop a too-broad audience, you will not only struggle to reach but also engage your target audience.

There are a number of ways your company can avoid these obstacles:

CTAs – Invest some time in developing persuasive calls to action. Utilize your research to craft a proposal that illustrates your comprehension of the customer’s situation.

Personalization – Use a tailored strategy across many marketing channels, such as your website and social media, to increase interaction.

Research – Understanding your audience will allow you to increase the engagement rates of your SMB’s digital marketing.

Utilize social media and forums to research your target market.

If you want your corporation to thrive and grow in the industry, you must take the time to comprehend your user base and create an experience that captures and motivates their focus.

Consult a social media firm or consultant, such as JetRank Agency, if you’re still struggling after considering the aforementioned tips.


Approximately sixty percent of SMBs rely on an in-house marketing staff, and many SMBs regard finance and resources as one of the most significant online marketing obstacles.

Among the causes of insufficient resources and funding are:

Results – Failure to deliver outcomes results in reduced marketing budgets. If your small to medium-sized business lacks a professional marketing experience, it is difficult to create an effective campaign.

Revenue – In some instances, your company may lack the funds necessary to support marketing campaigns. Remember that marketing helps your business grow.

Support – A poorly funded marketing effort is also the result of a lack of leadership backing.

If you are also encountering this marketing difficulty for SMBs, consider the following solutions:

Educate – Small and medium-sized business web marketers can educate corporate leaders on online marketing. If your decision-makers do not comprehend a plan, they will struggle to comprehend its value.

Outsource – About forty percent of SMBs outsource their digital marketing to an agency, consultancy, or freelancer. In the majority of instances, outsourcing is a profitable alternative for digital marketing for SMBs.

Measurement – Tracking the ROI of your marketing initiatives contributes to their cost-effectiveness.

Consider a proactive strategy over a reactive one.

As funds and resources are the most critical pain points of SMB digital marketing, you will consider how this issue can affect your company and marketing plan.

Acquisition & Retention

When it comes to advertising and the majority of local marketing methods, the majority of SMBs are focused on acquiring new clients. It is essential not to overlook one of your most valuable assets, your existing clientele. Focusing on minimizing your churn rate if you have a subscription model or maintaining your current clients/customers if you offer one-time services is crucial and beneficial. Keeping your clientele satisfied will go a long way and help you expand your business successfully.

Some of the reasons why SMBs do not prioritize client retention and acquisition are as follows:

Goals – Some small and medium-sized businesses develop objectives centered on increasing sales, expansion, etc. These objectives might divert organizations and marketers away from their most profitable customers, i.e., the existing ones.

Leadership – Company leaders might also prioritize client retention over client acquisition. Their focus can affect all aspects of the marketing effort, including its strategy, budget, and target audience.

Products – Depending on the nature of your organization, provide a product or service that does not encourage a lengthy consumer lifecycle. However, small and medium-sized businesses should recognize the value of recommendations.

There are several approaches to address these obstacles:

Demonstrate – Change the emphasis of company management by demonstrating the importance of client retention.

Coordinate – Creating a coordinated customer retention and acquisition plan can also assist SMBs in focusing on their most important areas.

Reward – Provide your clients with a reason to remain, so aiding in client acquisition and retention via word of mouth.

With these solutions, your firm can begin focusing on two key areas: enhancing client retention and expanding its customer base.

SMB Marketing Partners

When SMBs opt to outsource their internet marketing, they frequently struggle to find a reliable partner.

As an illustration, only 30% of firms would suggest their SEO service provider.

Several obstacles and causes for why SMBs struggle to find a freelancer, agency, or consultant are as follows:

Research – Take the time to evaluate a provider’s testimonials and portfolio, and strive to achieve their standards. This can assist you in selecting the best SMB supplier for your company.

Experience – If you are unfamiliar with web marketing, it an easy mistake to select companies that offer subpar services.

Budget – During their hunt for an internet marketing provider, some SMBs stumble across consultants, agencies, or freelancers who provide services at a lower cost, and they sign on with them.

In digital marketing, you appropriately get what you pay for.

If you wish to outsource the marketing of your SMB, try these techniques to overcome this issue:

Interview – Interacting with a possible candidate through phone, video, or in person can help locate a dependable service provider. Observe how they engage with you and your team, as well as their level of interest in your firm.

Ask Questions – During the research and hiring phase, compile a list of questions to ask potential providers. These queries may range from their prior experience with your organization to their reaction to failure.

Research – Before entering into a contract with a freelancer, consultant, or agency, conduct thorough research. Determine which services should be included and the associated costs.

Utilizing the aforementioned tips can save money and time. Partner with a seasoned SMB digital marketing agency like BizMatchery to increase your chances of success.

Real Results You Can Count On

To maintain market competitiveness, you must market your company online. Small and medium-sized business digital marketing is essential for building brand awareness, acquiring qualified leads, and skyrocketing income. A digital marketing firm for SMBs can help you realize all of these advantages.

Online or internet marketing offers your expanding organization great potential.

With platforms such as Facebook and Google, your company’s brand, products, and services can reach new heights. For that to happen, you need a competitive digital marketing strategy for your SMB.

BizMatchery has assisted SMBs in thriving online for over a decade. We possess the knowledge and commitment necessary to transform your marketing efforts into unstoppable, revenue-generating machines. We can optimize everything on your website from your web pages to your off-site content, all with the goal of increasing your ROI.

Start growing with online marketing by calling us or contacting us online today!


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