Case Study:

A new approach opens the door for a Midwest Nadcap metal finishing company


growth in key page organic impressions


increase in backlinks


growth in key page organic clicks

Key Strategies

  • Custom Strategy
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Analytics and Insights


  • Key page organic impressions
  • Key page organic clicks
  • Increase in backlinks
  • Site-wide page development

The Client

Established in 1895, Wolkerstorfer is a family-owned company specializing in surface finishing, painting, and testing for the aerospace, defense, and heavy commercial industries. Their “turnkey” operations allow them to complete all necessary steps in-house, saving clients time and money. Wolkerstorfer prioritizes exceptional quality and responsiveness, making them a trusted partner for companies with strict requirements.

SMB Website Design - Wolkerstorfer

The Situation

Simply put, Wolkerstorfer Co, Inc. needed a better website. As a provider of Nadcap accredited services to the defense and aerospace sectors, Wolkerstorfer operates in a world where much of their business comes from partner websites. This means their website serves a different function than most businesses who need to drive traffic and new business primarily through organic or paid strategies. Instead, Wolkerstorfer needed a simple yet effective virtual business card to educate interested customers on their offerings and capabilities. In their space, size matter when it comes to the facilities used for production. Wolkerstorfer Company has some of the largest metal finishing equipment in the Midwest, making them unique and highly sought after. Providing this information along with the specifics of their metal treatments is what they most needed their site to accomplish. They needed a partern who understood that and was willing to work with their specific needs, while also making the most of their digital marketing efforts.

The Solution

For Wolkerstorfer, a standard SEO approach wouldn’t fly. BizMatchery recognized this need for a nuanced strategy. Our goal: propel Wolkerstorfer’s organic presence while maintaining the integrity of their communication. 

With this in mind, we prepared a customized SEO strategy to help maximize their SEO while maintaining a focus on how their site and its content educated and enticed visitors of their superiority in the industrial metal finishing space. By adhering to their goals of informative content and shining a light on their industry certifications, Wolkerstorfer has not only achieved SEO benefits but also established themselves as a trusted resource within their target markets. Specific ways this has been addressed includes: 

Targeted Keyword Research & Content Refresh: We conducted in-depth keyword research, identifying high-intent search terms relevant to Wolkerstorfer’s services (e.g., “Nadcap-approved painting for aerospace”). BizMatchery then collaborated with Wolkerstorfer to refresh existing content, ensuring it addressed these keywords organically and provided value to the user.

Strategic Content Development: Understanding Wolkerstorfer’s aversion to generic SEO content, BizMatchery focused on informative and compelling pieces. We crafted web page copy that educated potential clients on the intricacies of surface finishing, emphasizing Wolkerstorfer’s Nadcap and ITAR compliance processes. This transparency not only boosted SEO by incorporating relevant keywords but also instilled trust in visitors seeking highly regulated services.

Data-Driven Optimization: BizMatchery’s SEO specialists continuously monitored website performance. We track organic impressions and clicks for both overall growth and specific services, identifying areas for further optimization. This data-driven approach ensured Wolkerstorfer’s website remained competitive while attracting qualified leads.

Growth in Backlinks: Wolkerstorfer’s commitment to informative, non-generic content positions them as a thought leader in their niche. This has enticed industry publications and websites to more often link to their site, generating valuable backlinks. These backlinks act as endorsements from other websites, validating Wolkerstorfer’s expertise in the eyes of search engines and potential clients.

The Results

Wolkerstorfer Ubersuggest Organic Traffic

Through this different but desired approach, Wolkerstorfer has been able to generate a significant increase in organic impressions and clicks for their key services. More importantly, the targeted content resonates with their niche audience, establishing Wolkerstorfer as a thought leader and a trusted partner for critical aerospace and defense projects. This has led to an overwhelming boom in business and future opportunities. BizMatchery’s ability to tailor SEO strategies to the unique needs of our clients is one of the true differentiators that sets us apart from other general digital marketing agencies.

Some of the highlights of their performance include the following metrics:

  • +87% growth in key page organic impressions
  • +170% increase in backlinks
  • +130% growth in key page organic clicks

Additional Insights

BizMatchery’s collaboration with Wolkerstorfer proved that SEO can be successful without compromising brand identity. By understanding Wolkerstorfer’s aversion to generic content and their focus on Nadcap and ITAR compliance, BizMatchery crafted a targeted strategy. The custom SEO approach wasn’t just about backlinks; it fostered long-term growth through strategic content and website optimization. BizMatchery’s data-driven approach ensured Wolkerstorfer attracted qualified leads, streamlining their sales funnel.  Additionally, the collaboration empowered Wolkerstorfer’s internal team to understand SEO best practices, allowing them to continue creating valuable content in the future.

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