Case Study:
Oregon Derma Center

Smoothing out website wrinkles helps a med spa improve their complexion


growth in overall organic impressions


growth in overall organic clicks

+126% ​

growth in target page organic clicks

Key Strategies

  • Custom Strategy
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content
  • Analytics and Insights


  • Total ranking keyword growth
  • Total organic traffic growth
  • Focussed growth strategy
  • Growth in new appointments

The Client

Oregon Derma Center, supervised by a naturopathic physician, Dr. Jason Black, offers a comprehensive approach to achieving healthy and youthful skin. They combine medical and aesthetic treatments, including laser therapy, cosmetic injections, and weight loss programs, to address concerns ranging from acne and eczema to wrinkles and unwanted fat. Their focus extends beyond just the surface, aiming to improve overall wellness for a natural, radiant appearance. Their philosophy is founded on the belief that healthy skin starts from within. That’s why they create personalized wellness plans after in-depth consultations, incorporating weight loss programs if desired. It’s a complete rejuvenation package, addressing both skin and overall health, supervised by a qualified naturopathic doctor who prioritizes natural solutions. From state-of-the-art laser treatments to high-quality skincare products, Oregon Derma Center empowers you to achieve your healthiest, most radiant skin, both inside and out.

SMB Website Design - Oregon Derma Center

The Situation

Oregon Derma Center had worked with other agencies in an effort to expand their organic reach and drive additional business, with limited results. While they were active on social media, they had done little with their website. Content was outdated, they were missing any details about many of the services they offer, and they had not truly optimized any of their pages for organic growth. Furthermore, they lacked a clear direction in how they should go about building out and improving their website. 

The Solution

To help Oregon Derma Center in overcoming their challenges and begin growing their website traffic, our team crafted a comprehensive custom digital marketing plan built on organic SEO, targeted content development, and strategic pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Details include:

  • Organic SEO & Content Refresh: A thorough website audit identified opportunities to refresh existing page content and optimize them for relevant keywords. BizMatchery’s SEO specialists conducted in-depth keyword research to target search terms related to Dr. Black’s specialties, including “Anti Aging Treatments,” “under eye laser treatment,” and “scarlet srf microneedling.” We then optimized page titles, meta descriptions, and header tags with these targeted keywords, ensuring each page effectively communicated its value proposition.

  • Content Development for Authority & Engagement: BizMatchery developed fresh, informative content that addressed common skin concerns and highlighted Dr. Black’s unique, personalized approach. Improved service page content helped to establish ODC as an expert in their field, driving organic impressions and clicks to new heights. 

  • Social Media Strategy & Monthly Specials: Engaging social media campaigns were implemented on platforms like Facebook and Instagram to showcase patient success stories, promote Dr. Black’s expertise, and announce enticing monthly specials. BizMatchery collaborated with Oregon Derma Center to create visually appealing content that resonated with their target audience. This was supported by the promotion of monthly specials, synced with paid efforts, to drive more phone calls and appointments for high ROI value services. 

  • Targeted PPC Campaigns: To further amplify the impact of monthly specials and high-demand services like laser therapy and weight loss programs, BizMatchery implemented strategic PPC campaigns. These targeted ads ensured Oregon Derma Center appeared at the top of search results for relevant keywords, driving qualified leads directly to their website and increasing appointment bookings.

The Results

ODC Uber Traffic Overview
ODC 12 mo (Eye Bags)
ODC 12 mo (Microneedling)

BizMatchery’s multifaceted approach yielded significant improvements in organic traffic and patient acquisition for Oregon Derma Center. 

Organic Impression & Click Growth:  Through targeted keyword optimization and content development, organic impressions for key service pages significantly increased, driving more qualified traffic to the website. 

Increased Website Engagement:  Compelling content and engaging social media strategies led to a rise in user engagement, with visitors spending more time exploring Oregon Derma Center’s services and expertise. 

Growth in Bookings:  The combination of engaging social media posts, targeted PPC campaigns, and optimized website content resulted in a notable rise in bookings for monthly specials and Dr. Black’s most sought-after services. 

By implementing a data-driven digital marketing strategy, BizMatchery empowered Oregon Derma Center to attract new patients and establish itself as a leading provider of natural, personalized skincare solutions.

Some of the highlights of their performance include the following metrics:

  • +14,842 growth in overall organic impressions
  • +55% growth in overall organic clicks
  • +126% growth in target page organic clicks
  • +197% growth in key service page organic clicks

Additional Insights

BizMatchery’s custom digital marketing strategy transformed Oregon Derma Center’s online presence and patient acquisition efforts. By combining in-depth SEO analysis, targeted content development, engaging social media campaigns, and strategic PPC advertising, we empowered them to reach a wider audience, establish themselves as a thought leader in natural dermatology. The significant rise in organic impressions, website engagement, and bookings for both monthly specials and core services demonstrates the effectiveness of BizMatchery’s custom strategy approach. 

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