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Gold Image Printing

Automotive SaaS driving growth with a custom organic strategy​


growth in overall organic impressions


 growth in ranking keywords


growth in organic clicks

Key Strategies

  • Custom Strategy
  • SEO
  • Content
  • Analytics and Insights


  • Total ranking keyword growth
  • Total organic traffic growth
  • Increase in total customers

The Client

Gold Image Printing, a Los Angeles-based commercial printing company, established itself as a reliable printing partner for local businesses and residents for over 25 years. Their commitment to high-quality printing and exceptional customer service solidified their reputation within the LA market. However, with ambitions to expand their reach beyond the local landscape, Gold Image Printing recognized the need for a strategic shift to establish a national online presence.

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The Situation

For over 25 years, Gold Image Printing has been a cornerstone of the Los Angeles commercial printing scene. Their unwavering commitment to quality and customer service built them a loyal following within the local community. From eye-catching flyers and vibrant brochures to professional business cards and impactful marketing materials, Gold Image Printing delivered exceptional results, time and again.

However, the world of business was undergoing a digital transformation. While their local reputation remained strong, Gold Image Printing recognized a crucial limitation: their online presence mirrored their geographic reach. Website traffic primarily originated from local searches, effectively restricting their visibility to a Los Angeles audience. This presented a challenge –– a burning ambition to expand their reach and establish themselves as a trusted printing partner for businesses nationwide.

To this end, Gold Image Printing reached out to BizMatchery to create a custom digital marketing strategy to help them achieve this expansion and overall business growth. Gold Image Printing needed a data-driven approach to bridge the gap between their local success and their national aspirations. They required a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would not only enhance their search engine ranking but also attract qualified leads from across the United States. Recognizing the need for specialized expertise, Gold Image Printing partnered with BizMatchery, a leading digital marketing agency dedicated to empowering SMBs. BizMatchery’s team understood the unique challenges faced by local businesses aiming to expand their online footprint. Together, they embarked on a collaborative journey to transform Gold Image Printing’s website into a powerful national lead generation tool.

The Solution

The limitations hindering Gold Image Printing’s national expansion demanded a multifaceted approach. BizMatchery’s SEO specialists, well-versed in the complexities of search engine algorithms and user behavior, crafted a customized strategy designed to address each specific obstacle. This comprehensive plan aimed to not only improve Gold Image Printing’s search engine ranking but also establish them as a thought leader within the printing industry, attracting a wider audience of potential customers across the United States.

At the core of the strategy was a data-driven approach. BizMatchery leveraged advanced keyword research tools to identify a vast pool of search terms relevant to Gold Image Printing’s offerings and targeted not just towards the Los Angeles area, but towards businesses throughout the country. This meticulous keyword research ensured that when potential customers searched for printing services online, no matter their location, Gold Image Printing’s website would be a strong contender for appearing on the first page of search engine results.

Furthermore, the website content underwent a significant transformation. Existing content was meticulously optimized for the newly identified keyword pool, ensuring search engines grasped the full value proposition and comprehensive services offered by Gold Image Printing. Additionally, BizMatchery recognized the importance of establishing Gold Image Printing as an industry authority. To achieve this, a content creation plan was implemented, resulting in the development of informative and engaging blog posts, articles, and case studies. This fresh content not only addressed the broader needs and challenges faced by businesses across the US but also positioned Gold Image Printing as a trusted resource within the printing industry.

The technical aspects of the website were not overlooked. A thorough technical SEO audit identified and addressed any underlying issues that might have been hindering search engine crawlers from properly indexing and understanding the website’s content. By optimizing the website’s structure and code, BizMatchery ensured that search engines could efficiently crawl and index the website, allowing Gold Image Printing’s valuable content to be readily available to potential customers nationwide.

Finally, the strategy acknowledged the importance of maintaining Gold Image Printing’s strong local presence while propelling them towards national recognition. Local SEO best practices were meticulously implemented to solidify their position within the Los Angeles market. This two-pronged approach, focusing on both local and national optimization, ensured that Gold Image Printing wouldn’t lose sight of their established clientele while simultaneously attracting a vast new audience across the United States.

The Results

GIP Uber SEO KW Rankings

Working together, GIP and BizMatchery were able to create the ideal strategy to help them breach their current borders and reach an audience nationwide. BizMatchery’s custom SEO strategy for Gold Image Printing yielded impressive results within a year:

  • Organic Impressions: Increased by a staggering 2,273,774 YoY, showcasing a significant rise in website visibility across search engines.
  • Organic Clicks: Grew by 21,912 YoY, indicating a substantial increase in user engagement with the Gold Image Printing website.
  • Ranking Keywords: The number of keywords for which Gold Image Printing ranked improved by 2,622 YoY, demonstrating a broader reach for relevant search terms.
  • Top 100 Position Keywords: A remarkable growth of 12,993 YoY in keywords ranking within the top 100 search results, signifying a dominant presence for high-value search terms.
  • Total New Users: Overall website traffic increased by 13.08%, attracting a wider audience.
  • New Organic Users: New website visitors specifically from organic search grew by 10.44%, highlighting the effectiveness of the SEO strategy.

Through BizMatchery’s expertise, Gold Image Printing successfully transitioned from a locally-focused business to a nationally recognized printing provider. With a strategic emphasis on organic search optimization, Gold Image Printing is now well-positioned to attract customers throughout the United States.

Additional Insights

BizMatchery’s strategic SEO intervention propelled Gold Image Printing to national prominence. Organic impressions soared by over 2.2 million year-over-year, while user engagement surged with a 21,912 YoY increase in organic clicks. Ranking for significantly more keywords (2,622 YoY) and achieving top 100 placement for a staggering 12,993 more keywords solidified their online dominance. This translates to attracting a wider audience (13.08% overall traffic growth) with a specific focus on organic reach (10.44% new organic users). By bridging the local-to-national gap, BizMatchery empowered Gold Image Printing to achieve their national expansion goals and become a leading printing partner for businesses across the US.

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