Case Study:

Automotive SaaS driving growth with a custom organic strategy​


growth in overall organic clicks


 growth in ranking keywords

+1,834% ​

growth in feature page organic clicks

Key Strategies

  • Custom Strategy
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Content
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Analytics and Insights


  • Total ranking keyword growth
  • Total organic traffic growth
  • Increase in total customers

The Client

The first digital voice assistant specifically designed for the automobile industry, answers, manages, and schedules incoming service calls for dealers, enhancing customer satisfaction while cutting costs. As a specialist AI digital assistant designed for scheduling auto repairs, Brooke uses natural language understanding to provide more accurate responses. The digital assistant can comprehend the meaning of a customer’s statement by loading historical data from millions of actual voice chats in the automobile sector. In contrast to conventional bot technology, can truly care for customers.

SMB Website Design - Brookeai

The Situation

Starting with an idea in a yet-to-be-proven market, an automotive industry veteran developed a solution that has since created a new vertical. Their success journey is a testament to the transformative potential of a well-executed custom digital marketing strategy.

At the core of their success lies a meticulously crafted organic strategy, tailored to resonate with their target audience and differentiate them from any future competitors. Through in-depth market research, keyword analysis, and competitor benchmarking, our client identified unique opportunities to carve out their niche in the automotive AI landscape with a first-of-its-kind digital voice assistant for automotive dealers that handles & appoints inbound service calls for dealers, leading to improved CX while also reducing costs.

By focusing on providing unparalleled value and addressing pain points within the industry, they positioned themselves as the go-to solution for automotive professionals seeking efficiency, productivity, and innovation in their dealerships.

Recognizing the need to amplify their reach and accelerate their growth trajectory, our client seamlessly integrated strategic paid media initiatives into their overarching digital marketing strategy. Leveraging platforms such as Google Ads and social media advertising, they meticulously targeted their messaging to reach potential customers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. By optimizing ad spend, refining targeting parameters, and continuously monitoring performance metrics, they maximized ROI and ensured every marketing dollar contributed to their ascent.

The Solution

A budding startup transformed its online presence through a custom digital marketing strategy. At the heart of their strategy lay a deep understanding of their target audience – auto dealers facing staffing shortages and limited budgets. Recognizing the importance of organic visibility, prioritized search engine optimization (SEO) to enhance their online discoverability.

Their journey began with meticulous keyword research, identifying high-value terms and emerging terms they could dominate before the industry grew too large. Armed with these insights, we helped them craft engaging, informative content that catered to the needs and interests of their audience, each designed to not only educate but also to rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs). didn’t just create content; they optimized it with on-page SEO techniques, ensuring meta tags, headings, and image alt texts aligned with their target keywords. They also delved into off-page SEO, building quality backlinks from reputable automotive websites and forums, establishing their authority in the field.

But their strategy didn’t end there. leveraged the power of paid media to amplify their reach. We helped them curate compelling ads showcasing their AI assistant in action, sparking engagement and driving traffic back to their website.

As their organic traffic surged, so did their business prospects. With a steady stream of visitors flowing through their digital channels, converted them into leads through enticing call-to-actions. Prospective clients, impressed by their online presence and expertise, eagerly embraced Brooke’s solutions, fueling the company’s growth and solidifying its position as a leader in the automotive AI industry.

The Results

Brooke Keyword Growth
Brooke 6 mo (AI Answering)

Brooke has grown from a fledgeling website, creating a new space in a competitive market, to become the leading automotive digital voice assistant solution. 

Brooke has seen steady growth in organic performance, thanks in large part to the ongoing development of new product feature pages and an intentional blogging strategy.

From the beginning, Brooke’s goal was to establish their position as the market leader while driving revenue growth as efficiently as possible. Thanks to their custom strategy, they have been able to do just that.

Some of the highlights of their performance include the following metrics:

  • +83% growth in overall organic clicks
  • +128%  growth in total ranking keywords
  • +3,916% growth in feature page organic impressions
  • +1,834% growth in feature page organic clicks
Brooke 16 mo progress

Additional Insights

Thanks to a custom strategy, was able to get ahead of an emerging market and position themselves for success. Their involvement in content creation and faith in the BizMatchery strategy were crucial to their growth and progress.

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