Reputation Management

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Online reputation management is all about managing the way your potential customers see you online. Not just that they see you, which is affected by SEO, but how they see you by your online reviews and ratings.

Statistics show that about 93% of US consumers check reviews online, and 4 of 5 people have changed their mind and reversed a decision to buy after reading negative reviews.

The research also shows that about 72% of buyers trust an online review nearly as much as they would a recommendation from one of their own family members.

That all adds up to mean the way people see you influences their perspective of you long before they even talk to you or take the time to look at your website. We can help you manager all of this with tools that let you control what reviews get out to the public.

Online Ratings

Ratings are the way customers have judged your service or products. They are most commonly denoted in terms of stars.

A five star rating is an indication that you have done well, while a one star rating is possibly evidence that you somehow underwhelmed a past customer.

You can’t control what ratings your customers give you, or even in they are genuine and authentic, but using our tools you can help control the ratings by screening them before they get posted.

This allows you to address the lower ratings and ask how you can correct things to improve their opinion.

That’s why it is called reputation management.

Online Reviews

Where ratings allow for easy representation of a customer’s opinion, reviews give details that tend to heavily influence what future customers will think.

We all have opinions, and the right to express those opinions. Being able to share those opinions and learn from others before making a buying decision is very helpful.

Furthermore,  business with more of the positive reviews tend to have better perceived quality and value. We like to listen to others opinions, so we tend to believe the company with better and more reviews are the best.

You can improve your online image by encouraging your happy customers to give you positive reviews. This takes a proactive strategy and we know how to make that plan happen. Together, we can help more new customers find you!

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