Our Business Development Process

We believe in systems. We know they allow for the smoothest and more confident approach to accomplishing goals.

Our system is centered around our p3Clarity system. We don’t just jump in to delivering services. We first take the time to understand your goals and needs. We care about making sure you are doing things for the right reasons, and that includes working with us.

We make sure you center all decision around the Passion behind why your business exists. We then help you make sure the right People are in place to support your efforts, and then we install the right marketing and business development Processes that will deliver on your goals.

That’s our way of doing business. That’s how we will help your business succeed and grow.

To go a little deeper into how we do all of that, take a look below…

1. Consultation

Understanding your business and what you truly need to succeed is the only place to start.

We care about your business, so it makes sense we would want to know who you are, what you are trying to accomplish, and what changes will bring. 

As a business development company, our focus is not just pushing one service that will make us lots of money, it’s truly about helping your business grow and succeed.

That means we need to see inside your business, so we can recognize your strengths and weaknesses. We can then formulate a plan that makes a difference.

We know your business is important to you, so believe that we will always treat it with the care and respect it deserves.

We want you to feel like we’re a part of your company and we will act that way.

We were brought up to always leave things better than you found them, so you can trust we will be handling our work with your business the same way.

2. Creating A Plan

As we come to understand who your business is and what you are trying to accomplish, we can then know the best way to help.

Our business development plans center around making sure your business stays true to your roots.

That means that whatever we recommend, it will be authentic and honest.

It will be about highlighting the Passion behind the conception of your company, and ensuring that WHY shines through in your actions.

We can create a plan that includes digital marketing, content marketing, sales training, body language training, local lead generation, reputation and review management and more.

We customize our strategy to work best with your industry, market, and specific company strengths.

This means what we develop a business development plan that is unique to your company and meant to help you grow. We will then discuss our ideas and make sure you are ready.

3. Plan Into Action

Process improvement is something we’re very good at. It’s because we love creating things and seeing them take flight.

We bring our years of experience to share with your team. After we have agreed on the right plan for your business, we work closely with your team to implement it.

Parts of the plan will be fulfilled by our team, such as content creation, website design, lead generation development and the delivery of sales training and body language training.

Other parts of the plan will be dependent on you. That means your team will need to be willing to make changes and follow through on processes.

We will maintain regular contact as we are acting as business development consultants and business coaches.

By the time our plan is complete, your business will have overcome past limitations and achieved new levels of success.

That’s our promise with every client we work with. Our vision is true business development.

4. Review

Once we have fulfilled on our plan and accomplished all the goals we set out for, we’ll meet together and debrief.

We will make sure everything we intended to do has been accomplished. We’ll also make sure your company is happy with the work we have done.

While some digital marketing agencies try to promise things they can’t possibly control, we know what we can do.

We won’t promise you’ll be at the top of Google, but we will certainly do everything to give you the best chance for that. Don’t get us wrong, we often produce those types of results, but we’re not going to make false promises. Our focus us using the right strategies that actually work.

We can promise more customers calling you, and a better online image that will draw more customers to you.

We can also promise that we will give your our very best, and we won’t rest until we have helped your business grow. That’s exactly what your business development company should do!

Next Steps

As we evaluate our work with you as business consultants, we want to make sure you feel good about the results we’ve accomplished and how we’ve helped your company grow. Now it’s time to look at the next steps.

If we’ve done well, you will be on your way to new levels of revenue growth and success. We would love to continue working with you and taking things even further.

We offer a variety of services and solutions that can further extend your results. We can work with your team to continue improving your sales processes, body language, and strategies.

Our ultimate goal is your businesses success. We feel good if we’ve helped you feel more confident, capable, and ready for the future.

Let’s make awesome things, together.

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